1974 Triumph TR6 & Factory Five Racing MK-III Roadster

Pictures for my 1974 Triumph TR6.


Triumph TR6 Pre-Restoration

Unrestored Triumph TR6


1974 TR6 Restored

Restoration Complete

2006 Factory Five Roadster (MK-III)


FFR MK-III Factory Pick Up

FFR MK-III in Gel Coat


Factory Five MK-III Complete



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Factory Five FFR5355

In 2006 I began the construction of FFR5355 in my garage.  I am in no way a die hard car guy but I do like cool cars from the 60’s and early 70’s.   I set up the building of FFR5355 into 3 sessions, please feel free to follow along with the build history and if you have any questions or need any pictures please feel free to e-mail me.


Cobra at Car Show

UTI Car Show, Norwell Mass


FFR Cobra in Stockbridge 2011

Stockbridge Train Station


Cobra Composite

FFR5355 at a Museum in the Berkshires



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FFR Roadster – 2010 Upgrades

This year I am excited to install new seats.  These are a much higher quality seat (original Look) and I expect to be much more comfortable on the 2+ hour cruises.  I also installed Seat Heaters as an extra bonus.

Looking for sone 12V, 15A for the seat heaters

New Seats with a high quality metal frame

Installation Complete with Seat Tracks

The seat installation is now complete and both seats were installed with adjustable seat tracks.  This will allow my wife to drive the car as well.

I have the complete seat installation with seat heaters completely documented.  If you would like pictures please send me a message.

The next upgrade was long over due.  Since the first day the car was on the road I kicked myself for not installing a remote Brake Reservoir.  The stock reservoir is not accessable and changing the fluid is impossible.  Below is the installation of a remote reservoir.

Homemade adapters for the Fox Master Cylinder (87-93)

Next I needed to clear out (re-route) a lot of the engine bay wiring

(cleaning it up)

Then I installed the Reservoir & Hoses

Now I need to clean up the exposed wiring.  I never liked how it looked so I made up some aluminim covers.

The 2010 Mods are complete and FFR 5355 is back on the road for another season (season 4).  My wife fits in the seats just fine…..All is well now.

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Race Days

My friend Will began road racing this year and it has stirred an interest in me as well.  I have the Cobra, a great race car, however I spent way too much time and money on it to put her at risk on a race track.  The TR6 on the other hand would also make a great car to road race as it is a great handling car.  As I complete the restoration I am performing slight upgrades to the car that are intended to strengthen it in case I decide to race her.

Here are a couple of pictures of a track day up at NHMS late October.  Congratulations to Will as he finished first place in his class.



Will Strobel's Mazda Miata


Rick with Lester and his Lotus Super 7 Clone

Jeff (Irish Flute)

Jeff's 1972 TR6


In 2010 my wife & I took up Auto crossing.   We joined C.A.R.T. and our first event (June-6th) was a lot of fun.

A little smoke from the tires

CART 060610

July 25th 2010 My wife Lorraine and I both participated in a CART Autocross event, it was my wife’s first and she loved it.

Wife with instructor

At the same turn

Me, a little faster

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