e) Suspension Resto (rear end)

Much easier than the front, the rear suspension went very well.  I replaced the stock springs with the HD version as they would be 20% stiffer.  Not knowing the condition of the rear springs I wanted to be sure that I would not end up with any rear end sag,  a common problem with the TR.

Passenger Rear a
Passenger side Rear as delivered

Differential is still in place.  It will be re-built when it is removed.  New Bearings and seals as the gears are OK

Front View
Rearend as delivered
Drivers Rear Complete w/o the axles

Pretty slick lever shocks (yellow).  I think they look cool.

Rear Passenger Side, w/o the axles
Differential Rebuilt 09-09
Differential ready for reassembly
Drum brakes rebuilt, Axles installed

Rear suspension / Brakes / Axles Complete.  Replacing the bearings in the axles was quite a job.  After years of heat cycles (35 or so) the bearings were sort of married to the housings.  I had the use of a hydraulic press for the removal.  Without it I doubt that they would have come apart.  Replacement of the universal joints was a very simple task once the process was understood.

Rear Assembly Restored

Lookin’ Good.  Now it’s time to install new pipes

(That’s british for Brake Lines).

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