aa) Finished Product

The list starts here (at the end).  I’m very happy with the end results so after 5 long years I can say that the car is nearly complete.  I have some little fiddly things left to do but all-in-all I think it is mostly done.  Please take some time to review the restoration history for this wonderful car by selecting the categories on the right hand side of the main page.


Here is a video of the first powered drive.


1974 TR6 - 4

1974 TR6 - 3I set the door gaps as close as I could get them.  The gap to the front fender on the driver side is a bit larger than the others but I’m all out of adjustment.  They say you can get them perfect if you are willing to spend the time.  I spent a lot of time and they are good enough.

1974 TR6 - 1I still need to add some pin stripping.  I’m planning on going with tan.

TR6 Rear R

TR6 Rear L

1974 TR6 - 5

TR6 Engine 5I made the carbon canister.  DIY, Activated Carbon and PVC pipe.  three zones separated by Scotchbrite pads.

TR6 Engine 4

TR6 Engine 3I had a lot of copper pipe left over from the fuel lines under the car so I fabricated all of the lines from copper.

TR6 Engine 2Some diamond plate covers to dress up the air cleaner

TR6 Engine 1

TR6 Interior

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  1. if your still checking this….how did you handle seam between old floor board and new skirt?
    Brian…. shobud@msn.com

    • Check the pictures under section j – bodywork. There is an inner and outer rocker panel along with a skirt. I purchased the new rocker panels and fabricated the skirt. It is all seam welded together, and coated with rust protection inside and out

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