i) Chassy Re-Assembly

The first thing I needed to do is restore the factory rims.  I wire wheeled them down to bare steel and hit them with a primer sealer then three coats of Rustolium Gray (outside), Black (inside).  After that I had a set of Goodyear Eagle GT’s mounted (205/65R17’s).

I then upgraded the front brake rotors to a slotted version and installed a rear anti-sway bar (Both from Moss Motors).  Then the wheels were put on and it was rolled out of the shed for the first time in over a year.

Needs a bit of an alignment

Rear Sway Bar Kit


Now I need to install the drive-Train and use the Rolling Chassy as a Bodybuck to finish up the bodywork.

First I installed the new Fidenza Aluminum Flywheel with the Sachs Clutch & Pressure Plate.

The Pinion Bearing (Bronze Bushing) needed to be cut to length as the supplied bushing from Victoria British was Over-Length.

Fidenza Aluminum Flywheel

Clutch Pad (Sachs)

Clutch Alignment Tool shown in-place.  Keep this in-place until the pressure plate is torqued in place.

Pressure Plate (Sachs)

Transmission re-attached to the engine (Finally)

A few more bolts and it will be ready to mount into the chassy.

Now that the Engine and Transmission are back together it’s time to put it back where it belongs.

The Engine and Transmission mounts were restored and painted.

Engine back in

Transmission Mounted

I now have the Drive Train back in.  I’ve gone as far as I can mechanically so now it’s off to the Bodywork.

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