n) Doors

I’ve decided to dedicate an entire section to restoring the doors.  There seems to be a lot of parts and work involved so I wanted to properly document the process.  At this point in the process I have already completed the Passenger side door so this section will showcase the Drivers Side door.  Here is the door right before I started dis assembly.

Step 1 is to remove the door panel.  I am going to do this carefully as I will need the original part as a template to make new door panels.  There are a couple of Phillips head screws to remove then find where the clips are and using a simple screwdriver, pop up the clips from the door.  You will also need to remove the window and door lever handles.  This is done by pushing out a cross-pin seen in the next image.

You can see in my case, the housing has cracked and the handle will need to be replaced.

Here is the door with the panel removed.

The next step is to remove the trim pieces around the window opening.  There is a padded Vinyl piece that is attached by both adhesive and clips and a chrome / felt piece that is just held with clips.  These clips will push away easily with a screwdriver then the trim can be removed.

Another Angle.

I’m not sure if there is a particular order for the next sections but here is what I did.

1)  Remove the cross bar that operates the door latch

2) Remove the door Latch

3) Remove the decorative handle to close the door.

Note that this clip needs to be removed in order to separate the cross bar from the latch mechanism.

I then removed the thin wire brace that keeps tension on the window channels.  seen here in the lower cut-out.

Window Crank Unbolted

Mechanical Stop Removed.

Next came the window crank assembly. and finally the two side rails.  Once it is all un-bolted the window (with a little jiggling) will release from the rollers and slide up out the window slot opening.

The rollers (remain attached to the mechanism) will slide off of the track with a little jiggling.

This door is apart.

Trim pieces laying at the top.

Next I need to do a little dent repair and flattening of the panels.

Need to strip it and put down a layer of primer.

Flattened and ready for primer.

Next I sandblasted the internal mechanisms and painted them black

Then I re-Felted the window channels using adhesive backed felt.

Picture of the felt.

Re-Assembly at a later date.


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