q) Final Assembly ( the fiddley bits)

The painting is complete and the weather is getting cold.  I pushed the TR into the garage for the final stages – Final Assembly.  It has been 5 years since this project started and I can finally see the end.  This section will just be a compilation of the work performed (most likely in the order I did it).

Also:  I found that purchasing a small hand held sand blaster gun helped out a lot.  Cleaning up some nuts & bolts along with cleaning up some small parts prior to re-assembly was a nice touch.

Start - Pushed In

This is what it looked like as I pushed it in.  From time to time I will post a status picture but for now it will go slow.

The first thing I did was finish up the brake lines and bleed the brakes (you can also see the clutch cylinder here)

Booster Installed

Booster Installed (you must bench bleed the booster)

Clutch Cylinder

I hand bent the lines.  Nothing special, I just purchased them from Auto Zone.

Very Important

Save your old lines and fittings.  Some of the fittings need to be re-used.

Fuel & Brake Lines


Since I was bleeding air, I then installed the clutch cylinder & booster.  Same process.

Slave Cylinder


The Fuel Tank & Lines were next:

Fuel Tank Vent

The vent system is shown here.  Below is the two lines under the trunk (Fuel & Vent).  I used copper tube for this (5/16)Fuel Lines

I then installed the parking brake system

 Parking Brake

More Random Assembly.  I installed the exhaust and intake manifolds along with a battery (that I used to initially test a few of the motors before installation).


Front Stiffener Bars

Engine Fasteners

Sand Blasted Fasteners prior to assembly (lookin Good)

Exhaust Manifold

All Set for the Carbs (I am rebuilding them, see the Engine Section)


Restored Fresh Air Vents


Here are a couple Before and after shots of the heater Box.

Heater Box BeforeCIMG7974


Heater Box (After).  I needed to replace the blower motor.  It only worked on High Speed.CIMG7979


Next I installed the Heater into the Car.


I have all of the Duct-Work and hoses ready to install.  I need to complete the Dash frame and Steering First.

In order to install the steering shaft and column I found out that you need to install the Dash Support frame first.  I cleaned up the Dash support and installed it.  Then I proceeded to install the Steering and Steering column.





I had some time to spare so I refinished the Windshield Frame:


Ripped out all of the old rubber and began to strip the old paint and rust


Typical Corner showing 40 years of age.


After wire wheel stripping and sanding its all ready to paint


A couple coats of etching primer


Three coats of Rustolium simi-gloss black (rattle can)

All Done

Next I started on the top.  All I have at this point (September – 2013) is the frame so I plan to restore it.


Below are the little bits that need to be removed.  Some of these were replaced with new.


CIMG8204After a sanding I put a coat of primer on the whole frame.


Next is a couple coats of Rattle can Black.

After The paint dried (sorry, I cant seem to find a finished picture of the frame painted).  I test fit the frame into the car.

Test Mount Frame

Real simple installation, alignment was perfect.

Next I began to install the bits for the Soft-Top.  There are a couple major components and this was my assembly order.

  • Install the Velcro strips along the top of the window frame.  I used simple contact cement and some clamps.

CIMG8235 Velcro Attached CIMG8239 CIMG8240

  • Next step was to install the window seal:  Crimping the ends of the channels just a bit to prevent them from slipping.


Window Seal

  • Then the Webbing.  Its important to make sure that the Rear Bow in the metal frame is in the proper position before you rivet the webbing in-place.  I test fit the top first and made sure that the bow was in the correct position just above the rear window.


  • The soft top went next.  Again, I used the contact cement to attach the top to the rear valance scuttle then the snaps helped to hold it all in-place.
  • I went with the Vinyl top from Prestige Auto


CIMG8244 CIMG8245

Finally I attached the Front of the soft top to the front support and installed the “C” tracks for the front seal.


This is not a difficult job.  It only takes patients and some planning.


Real Happy with the results:





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  1. Beautiful restoration job on teh TR6! But I could not find the final picture of the completed project. Did I overlook it?

    • The restoration is not complete yet. I figure that I need about 6 more months.


  2. Nice job buddy

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