Factory Five MK-III Roadster

— Project is Complete, Build Sessions are on the Right —

Back in 2006 I took on the project to build a Factory Five Roadster Kit.  The kit is based on the Ford Mustang (1987 – 1993) running gear.  I purchased a donor car (1989 LX) to use, but as I progressed, I opted to use new parts in place of the restored donor parts from the Mustang.  The only restored parts that I used in the roadster were:  1) Engine Block, 2) Wire harness & Computer, 3) Front spindles, 4) Peddle Box and 5) Master cylinder.  The car was finished within 1 year.  I separated the build history into sessions.  Session 1 begins the project and covers the build through the “Go-Cart” stage, Session 2 covers mainly the installation of the body and body components through a completed (non-painted) car, Session 3 tears it down again for final paint and details all of the upgrades through final assembly.   Each year since the completion I have made minor upgrades as it is part of the sickness that we all share.

We truly enjoy this car and all of the friends that we have met on cruises over the years.

blue II

Published on November 2, 2009 at 3:49 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Nice picture! Where did you take it?

    • I know this guy who has a garage full of 1965 Jag XKE parts. It was taken in his driveway back in 2007.

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