Build Session 1 (rolling chassy)

March 2006 my son and I traveled up to Warham Mass to pick up kit #5355 and the process begins.  As you will notice, this is not your standard “Kit Car”.  It is truly a replica with it’s own race proven frame.  The team at Factory Five Racing does a great job.

Here is a picture of me and Dave Smith (FFR President) on Pick-Up Day.

Doug                 Dave

Build Pictures 1 013

Frame as Delivered

The first thing is to install the front suspension and spindles.  The upper and lower control arms (A-Arms) can be supplied by FFR but the spindles came off of the donor car.

Build Pictures 1 203
Installing the Front Suspension

Here is the installed front suspension and steering rack.  The steering rack is a 15:1 manual racing rack

‘Nice Rack”

Build Pictures 1 211
Suspension, Steering Rack & Spindles

I wanted power brakes so the frame would need to be modified to fit the power booster.  I worked out this frame modification myself and it seems to work just fine.  In this picture you can also see the steering column installed.

Build Pictures 1 212
Power Brake Frame Mod

Some Aluminum panels around the drivers foot box.  Here is where you will want to make an access panel to get into the top of the foot box, it will be easier to make clutch adjustments and access the wiring.  I also wish I made the foot boxes larger (I could kick myself for not doing it)

Build Pictures 1 228
Drivers Footbox

Build Pictures 1 295
Passenger footbox

Master cylinder & booster are in-place.  This all worked well but fast foreword 3 years and I wish I installed a remote brake reservoir.  The current position of the brake fluid reservoir is up under the front drivers side fender and it is very difficult to access.

Build Pictures 1 238
Power Brake Booster, Stock Fox Reservoir

Build Pictures 1 343
Brake Lines
Build Pictures 1 345
Front Brake Lines
Build Pictures 1 351
Rear Brake Line

Here are some shots of the completed Front suspension including the brakes and the “F” panels.  You can see the original Bilstien coil-overs.  These have since been replaced with Koni Shocks.  I never had a problem with the Bilstiens but I could not pass up the deal to up-grade.  I think the problem with the Bilstien shocks was with the Hiem Joints binding and not the shocks themselves.

Build Pictures 1 274
Passenger Side
Build Pictures 1 285
Driver Side

Now most of the aluminum panels can be installed.  These panels fit real well, they all come pre-cut and bent to fit so all you really need to do is lay out the rivit holes, lay down a bead of silicone sealer and pop the rivits.

Build Pictures 1 306

My wife Lorraine installed most of the rivits, Cute ain’t she.

Build Pictures 1 310
Rosie the Riviter

I went with fuel injection so three lines needed to be installed.  Fuel to the intake, Fuel back to the tank (it’s a loop) and finally a vent tube that connects to the charcoal canister (prevents fuel smell in the garage).

Build Pictures 1 327
Fuel Lines

Build Pictures 1 330
Fuel Lines (under Passenger Footbox)
Build Pictures 1 366
Fuel Lines to Fuel Filter
Below is a version of the dropped battery box.  I took a chapter out of Chevycobra’s build site (Thanks Randy).  I ended up changing out the plastic lid with a hinged piece of diamond plate.

Build Pictures 1 382
Build Pictures 1 373

Dropped Battery Box

Next went in the rear axle.  I went with the 3-Link set-up.  You can also see that I converted to 5 lugs as well and a new 3:73 set-up from Mike Forte

Build Pictures 1 393

3 link rearend

I kept the rear drum brakes.  They are good enough to stop a 3,500 lb Mustang, I’m sure they will stop the 2’400 lb Roadster.
Build Pictures 1 394

Read End

Build Pictures 1 406

3-link rearend

Build Pictures 1 409

Rear Drums

Now many of the aluminum panels can be installed (but not all).
Build Pictures 1 451

More Aluminim Panels

I added some cut-outs for a stereo & speakers behind the seats.
Build Pictures 1 495

More Aluminum (Speakers)

There’s Rosie the riviter at it again
Build Pictures 1 465

Trunk Aluminum

Much of the aluminum is installed at this point.  It is starting to come together.
Build Pictures 1 473

More Aluminum

I slapped on some wheels (not the final ones) and put her down on the ground for the first time.  This is a big mile stone in the build process (The Rolling Chassy)
Build Pictures 1 527

Rolling Chassy

Build Pictures 1 529

Rolling Chassy 2

Time to test fit the dash and line up the steering position and where the dash connections will go.  I also will be fabricating a glove box, you can see the outline.
Build Pictures 1 544

Dash Blank

The wiring harness was not difficult to strip down (taken from the donor mustang).  Using the Helms manual, I followed the wiring diagrams and removed all of the un-needed wires.  It takes some time but it is not hard.
Build Pictures 1 555


Build Pictures 1 570

More Wires

Build Pictures 1 568


Here are the wires that were striped out.
Build Pictures 1 579

Wire Diet Scraps

Nice clean terminals to make connections and to allow for a removable dash.
Build Pictures 1 595

Dash Connection Wiring

Build Pictures 1 609

Partial Dash Install (test fit)

At this point all of the wires are in place as well as a small heater from Speedway Motors.  It does not put out much heat but enough to keep my wife warm.
Also, if you spend enough money with Summit Racing you get a Fee Hat!
Build Pictures 1 619

Heater Installation

Here is the cleaned up engine from the donor car ready to install.  It will eventually get rebuilt and reinstalled (later in the blog).
Build Pictures 1 626

Motor Install

Installation went very well thanks to the help of Chris.
Build Pictures 1 630

Engine Drop

Final touches prior to the “First Start”.  The next mile stone in the build process.
Build Pictures 1 670

Engine is In

Build Pictures 1 671

Ready to test Fire

Follow along by going to Session 2

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