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My name is Doug and I am always looking for the next project.  lately I have enjoyed building cars.  My first project was a Factory Five MK-III Roadster kit car.  It is a replica of a 1965 Shelby Cobra, a car that was burning up the tracks when I was a kid.  I finished building the roadster back in 2006 and have enjoyed driving it since.  I have also restored a 1974 Triumph TR6 that I completed in 2015.  It is right up my alley as it is a simple “basic hard core roadster” that retains the glory days of open top cruising.  You can see the Build & Restoration process by selecting the posts along the right side, I have hundreds more pictures, if you have any questions please leave a comment and I can respond or e-mail you more information.


lake George 08 037

Enjoying a trip to Lake George

Published on November 3, 2009 at 1:36 am  Comments (11)  

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  1. Really good stuff. Looks like a lot of fun…and a LOT of work!


    • More fun than work, that’s for sure. The problem is that I need to pace myself or I could spend a lot of $$$$ very fast.

  2. i see you have a aircraft style switch with cover…way cool. what’s it for?


    • The one on the right is the ignition switch (I have no key) so it needs to be covered after the car is started so I don’t bump it. The one on the left is the fan switch and it is covered just to be symetrical

  3. Hi Doug I have a really super nice TR6 with bad compression in all cylinders. My friend has rebuilt the top end of some british cars and said he would help. Do you ever work on cars for other people. I live in Orange city fl. I seen you were taking a trip to lake george and thought you might be in the area. Zach

    • Zack:
      the task of rebuilding the top end or even the bottom end of the TR engine is quite a simple task. The Brits have designed a simple power plant. The best thing you can do is purchase a very important book “The Complete Official Triumph TR6 & TR250 1967 – 1976” It is commonmy refere to as the “Blue Book” and if you own a TR then you really should own this book (manual). This mnual will walk you through an and every repair you can imagine, especilly the engine.

      If you or your buddy have ever rebuilt an engine in the past then this would be a very simple task.


  4. Hi Doug, Question: When fitting the 2 wooden wedges into the sealing block (over front main bearing), do you first shape them to the approximate size and then tap them in? The ones supplied in the gasket kit are substantially oversized and would have to be hammered in. So, somewhat confused.
    Thanks and cheers, Bill

    • Bill:

      I remember having to shape them in order to get a proper fit. They need to be tight an I did use a hammer to tap them in. I set the width dimension pretty much spot-on however the thickness was left a bit wider than the slot so that a proper seal would be achieved.

  5. Thanks mate. Regards

  6. Doug. I have a TR6 (for 22 years now) and I was thinking of painting it myself and stumbled on your column. Very cool. I guess it was a urethane not base/clear paint, huh? I’d love to chat with you sometime. Are you on 6pack at all? James (jattr6@hotmail.com)

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